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Episode 6: The Untold Story of One of the Most Successful Book Promotions of All Time

This is a wild and woolly one.

It’s it’s heyday, which lasted roughly from 1982 to 1989, this book,  sold roughly 30,000 copies per week.

If you don’t have your calculator handy, that’s one and half million copies per year.

You may think that a million seller is not a big deal. I assure you it is and to do that seven years in a row is practically unheard of in the history.

The truly impressive thing – from a marketing point of view – was this book was in essence a sales letter for a company with a massive back end.

Now, I do not endorse the organization that sold it or the conduct of its leaders.

That said, there is something to learn here.

And don’t go looking elsewhere to find out how they did it: I’m apparently the only one who ever asked and got answer.