Twelve years of profit making advice to
Internet and marketing entrepreneurs

      "I've been privileged to know Ken McCarthy. I am a fan of his thinking and writing, and find him to be a great sounding board for ideas. I can always count on Ken to look at a problem from all angles. The over-used phrase, "out of the box thinking," really does describe how Ken's mind seems to work, so he's hard to beat if creativity is what you want.

      Ken is strong in nuts and bolts practicality as well. For example, he introduced us to a talented media professional who has turned out to be one of the firm's most important hires of the last five years. He also gently prodded us into expanding the range of services we offer. What began as one employee experiment has evolved into an entire department to the benefit of both our clients and our bottom line."

Ed Niehaus
President & CEO,
Niehaus Ryan Wong, Inc.

PR agency of record for Yahoo since 1995

      Reviewing an historic presentation about the web Ken gave in San Francisco in 1994:

      "This was a great talk for 1994, and it would still be a good talk today. Most people still don't get the points you made..." - April 27, 2000

Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D.
User Advocate and Principal, Nielsen Norman Group

2704 Fairbrook Dr., Mountain View, CA 94040, USA
http://www.useit.com and http://www.NNgroup.com

     "Jakob Nielsen knows more about what makes Web sites work than anyone else on the planet." Chicago Tribune.

Ken McCarthy & Marc Andreessen

Ken & Marc Andreessen
1994 Conference

      "If you want to know how to make money in direct marketing through the Internet, there's one name you must inscribe on your Rolodex: Ken McCarthy.

      Ken and his cohorts know how to extract direct marketing profits from the Internet the way a mining company knows how to pull gold from the earth. They live by the same credo as all smart direct marketers, i.e., that advertising is salesmanship multiplied, and it's not creative unless it rings the cash register."

Gary Bencivenga
Accountable Advertising, Inc.

      According to the October 2000 issue of Target Marketing, Gary Bencivenga is the world's highest paid direct mail copywriter weighing it at $25,000 per letter advance against royalties.

     "Netscape has had several opportunities to work with Ken McCarthy, including having Marc Andreessen as a keynote speaker at one of the first conferences focused on the Web as a viable business tool. We have enjoyed our relationship with Ken thoroughly."

Rosanne Siino
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Netscape Communications Corporation

      "...Hotwired's been credited with popularizing many of today's commonly accepted Web advertising practices - "banner ads" and "click through rates" for example - to the business world.

      I credit Ken McCarthy with introducing me to the whole notion that the Web could be a viable place for advertising. I attended a talk of his in the early summer of 1994 where he not only predicted the evolution of the Web with uncanny accuracy, but also put the Web in a larger historical context in a most unique and fascinating way."

Rick Boyce
Vice President, Director of Sales

      "Ken's been a regular speaker at my marketing conferences since 1993 and Amacord's been managing our web site since 1995.

      As people who know me well can tell you, I'm not easy on vendors and I don't recommend experts, service providers, and speakers lightly. Many are called, few make the cut. Fewer still are invited back again and again.

      I've been so impressed with Ken's mastery of marketing that I've included examples of his ad writing in my books and courses. His involvement in the Internet business dates back to 1993 and he has consistently given his clients (including me and dozens of my clients who I've recommended to him) straight, no nonsense advice in a field that is overrun with hype and false promises.

     I know that there is a lot of interest in e-marketing. I have bought materials from, talked with, met with and checked out over 30 different "Internet Marketing Gurus" over the past year or so - and have had very lucrative offers made to me to endorse or partner with them.

      I'm sticking with Ken. If you are interested in e-marketing straight talk, he's the guy you want to talk to.

     My highest recommendation."

Dan Kennedy,
Author, consultant, entrepreneur
"How to Make Millions with Your Ideas," "The Ultimate Marketing Plan Book," "The Ultimate Sales Letter Book," "How to Succeed by Breaking All the Rules," and "The Ultimate No BS Sales Success Book."

      "I connected with Ken when he was in the process of organizing a conference with Marc Andreessen on what, at the time, seemed a rather "far out" idea: commercial publishing on the World Wide Web. As far as I know, it was the first conference ever devoted exclusively to this topic and it was certainly the first one offered to the Bay Area's cutting edge digerati community.

      In a region with more new media visionaries than any other place on earth, Ken has been one of the very first to grasp and articulate the significance that the World Wide Web would have on all of us."

Hal Jospehson,
President, MediaSense, Inc.
Executive Director, NewMedia INVISION Awards Festival
1994 President, IICS, International Interactive Communications Society

      "I've known Ken McCarthy since 1985 when he was offering some very insightful and inspiring courses on educational psychology in New York City. In fact, I was so impressed by his work that I cited him along with Buckminster Fuller, Alvin Toffler, and others as a source for my book "Peak Learning" (Tarcher, 1991)

      I therefore wasn't at all surprised that Ken became involved in the Internet in 1993 and dedicated himself to making it comprehensible for innovative educators and small business people.

      I recently had the opportunity to avail myself of his consulting services regarding my web site. As I said to him in a follow up e-mail: "Hail Master!" I can't remember the last time I received such a flood of immediately useful, on-target advice from any consultant in any field. If you have an opportunity to work with him, don't hesitate."

Ronald Gross, Chair, University Seminar on Innovation,

      Thank you for your consultation. Your experience and insight helped me get through a labyrinth of issues. Without your guidance, I would have been trapped in a dead end -- for sure.

Mike Bergida
The Tax Toolbox program

      "I learned more about Internet marketing in 15 minutes with Ken McCarthy than I learned since first signing on to the Internet in '93. Not only that, he also gave me some excellent general marketing advice and pointed out some resources to help my business grow. If you have a chance to get some of his time, grab it. The return on investment is phenomenal!"

Mark Heatley
Dallas/Fort Worth Land Advisory
Heatley Capital Corporation

      "I originally went to Ken McCarthy for what I thought would be some routine Internet advice. He was recommended by Dan S. Kennedy, who calls Ken the only expert on the Internet he trusts.

      Soon, I found out why. First, he insisted I explain what I hoped to accomplish with my venture. I confess that I thought this was a waste of time. However, under his gentle but persistent questioning, the fundamental flaws in my business plan became obvious. I had been on the verge of wasting a huge amount of time and money going down a blind alley!

      But Ken didn't leave it at that. He helped redirect my focus on another opportunity, one much closer at hand that I had already had some success with but was risking by diluting my attention on other projects. Not only that, he directed me to a potential partner who knows my field and has the skills I need to take my business to a higher level.

      Most Internet consultants would have been hard at work selling me an expensive package on my first flawed idea without a care in the world as to whether it would benefit me or not. Instead Ken treated me like a valued friend.

      I'm glad I ran into him and I give him my highest possible recommendation to anyone who is looking for Internet services or business advice.

      I personally feel you can't go wrong with his advice."

Barry A. S. Lycka BSC MD FRCP

      "Today, with everyone and their brother touting themselves as "Internet Marketing Gurus" there is one individual I've discovered who cuts through the hype, hoopla and B.S. surrounding the Internet. This man has consistently guided me towards the most common sense, effective and economical ways to use the Internet to build my business. His name? Ken McCarthy. I rely on his savvy advice before considering any Internet marketing strategy.

      I've also used his company, Amacord, as my web site designers and managers because they understand what it takes to actually make a profit on the Net when you're in the real world and not backed by an endless amount of VC money.

      I really can't say enough about the support and quick response I get from them, especially Bettina, my web site designer. All my questions and concerns are always answered immediately. Which leaves me free to focus my energies on marketing and growing my business instead of concerning myself with the technology and programming. Bottom line is this: if you're looking for a way to make the Web work for your business I suggest you talk with Ken McCarthy. Period. End of story!"

Yanik Silver
Surefire Marketing, Inc.

     "In our opinion, when it comes to marketing teachers, Ken is the voice of truth and reason in a crowded marketplace of self-proclaimed gurus and wannabees.

     We have attended the last three System Trainings, are System Club members, have bought the copywriting cd's and now RFM and Beyond and have found Ken to be a terrific guide in learning what we should be doing to market and promote our coaching business. In fact, after attending our first System training - we learned some things that made it possible for Otto to quit his day job and work in our coaching practice full time."

Susie and Otto Collins
Relationship Coaches


      "I run a profitable Virtual Store (www.cmpexpress.com) selling computer hardware and software, and am a speaker at trade shows on how to make money on the Internet, I was excited to see some valuable material on promoting our site that I was not familiar with.

     The Internet has been a fantastic tool for our company to attract additional business, and the information in your manual is complete, precise and accurate. You give the truth about how to be successful on the Internet. Congratulations on a job well done and keep up the good work".

Bryn Kaufman - President
Computer Market Place, Inc.
(Sells over $1,000,000 worth of computers per month via the Net.)

"Hi Ken,

     Thanks for all your help the last two and a half years. Although I knew very little about the Internet when you and I first met, your clear, patient explanations really helped me jump right in the new medium with confidence. Brian and Bettina were both wonderful too as they took care f all the HTML programming details needed to get my business web site up and running --and taught me quite a lot of HTML in the process.

     As I've gotten more and more familiar with the Internet, I've been amazed to see just how many companies really do not understand Internet marketing and how it is different from marketing in other, more traditional media.

     Even now, it appears to me that the basic majority of companies on the Internet are still making the kind of basic Internet marketing mistakes that you warned me about back in 1995. Every time I get on the Internet I encounter:

  • irritating unwanted commercial advertisements flooding my e-mail box or posted to a Newsgroup discussion of say, philosophy;

  • business web sites so overloaded with fancy, eye-catching graphics that the sits' pages take ten minutes to download on the typical computer (if the prospective customer waits that long!);

  • commercial web sites that just brag about the company and offer no useful free information that might entice a prospective customer to visit the site and tell others to visit the site.

     When I see such examples of Internet marketing mistakes I am very grateful to have been guided by your company's considerable expertise in marketing and the Internet and, especially, how marketing on the Internet is completely different from marketing in other media.

     Thanks again for all your help. Because of your Internet marketing savvy, great customer service, and reasonable price, I feel like Amacord is a great asset to any company trying to use the Interest as part of an overall marketing plan."

Kelly Dunagan
Mobile, Alabama

      "With all the hype and conflicting information out there, it was refreshing to get solid information, clearly presented, and that struck a realistic balance between the technical and practical. The information you covered will help me get my business operation on the "net" far more quickly and cost effectively than would have ever been the case without this seminar.

      For anyone considering using the Internet as a medium for business, your seminar will prove well worth the investment. You provided the unvarnished truth in a straight-forward easy to absorb format."

Kevin Gahagan
Golden Gate Financial Associates

     "I want you to know, I think you are one of the "best resources" about internet marketing out there. I'm so glad I found you.

     "I wonder if many of your students realize exactly what they've got by participating in the System training?

     "If a person will learn and "APPLY" what you and your staff teach, there's no excuse not to make money online.

     "It's the best financial "security" I've been able to find."

-Larry Trocha
Larry Trocha Training Stable. Penngrove, California

"Dear Ken,

     I recently ordered one of Dan Kennedy's products which was a tape set of his last Super Conference.

     Along with that Dan also sent me a copy of your report "Everything That's Important About Running A Business On The World Wide Web" etc.

     You were featured on one of those tapes and I have to say that I probably gleaned more from listening to your half-hour presentation than I have from reading most books by so-called "experts" in the subject of the Internet.

     Having listened to the tape and read the report I was impressed by the way you deliver your information about the Internet.

     You present and teach it in an easy to understand non-technical way, which is exactly what I've been looking for. I also like the fact that you've been using the Internet to make money and that you have been extraordinarily successful at it."

Glen Hook
Nu-Media Marketing

     "You are opening my eyes to new ways of promoting myself using the Internet. I really don't know much about being on-line, using e-mail or just searching the web for information. You break down all the "stuff" that is out there and give me the "this is all you need to know" parts for my business.

     We are just in the beginning stages of our relationship, but it is amazing how much I already trust you and your advice. When my business associates hear that I'm using the Internet they want to give me their "so called" advice. I politely hear what they have to say and then e-mail your office for the real answers. "

Chauncey Hutter, Jr.
TaxTemp Enterprises

     "E-Media (Amacord) has been extremely accommodating - and affordable - in helping our company develop a presence on the Internet. Through the help of their staff I've been able to pinpoint more accurately what can and cannot be done on the Internet to sell our very expensive international video products. They are always available to answer questions and help in any way. "

Tim Carr
Manager, Sales & Marketing
Meridian Resources Associates
Now an executive at America Online

      "The aspect I have enjoyed most in my dealings with Amacord is their genuine concern for the customer. They make sure that the website represents the customer properly, and they bend over backwards to meet customer needs. I have seen them carefully schedule their work around estimated completion time we gave them. When things went awry on our side and we could not give them certain materials on time, they still met the deadlines they had promised us based on our original planning.

     We are pleased to have Amacord as our website "home," and I can heartily recommend E-Media to other companies and organizations stepping out into the World Wide Web."

Lawrence A. Walker
Managing Director
German American Chamber of Commerce of the Western United States, Inc.

      "Amacord built the web site for our organization, the Northern California Direct Marketing Club. We were very pleased with the speed and ease with which it went up, and the quality of the attention and work we received.

     Ken McCarthy of Amacord also conducted a seminar about business on the Internet for our group which is made up of experienced professionals in the direct marketing industry. He offered a wealth of practical information which was very well received. Based on the enthusiastic response of the audience, the seminar could have easily gone on another hour or more.

     As president of the Direct Marketing Club for 7 years, I've worked with a large number of guest speakers and I would rank Ken's presentation among the best we've hosted".

Walter D. Abraham
President - Northern Direct Marketing Club of California

      "I entered Amacord's workshop in absolute confusion on the processes of the Worldwide Web and the balance of Internet activities. The clear and concise outline presented by Ken McCarthy has put me on track to master the traffic lanes of the Super Highway. I can now readily determine B.S. ..hype from what is really practical and do-able in cyberspace.

     The fortunate few attendees at this workshop session are now 90-95% ahead of other cyberspace consultants who are without this insight. I highly recommend Ken's workshop for anyone seriously interested in mastering the intricacies of this exciting new medium".

Anthony Gray
Tax Strategies Group

     "Your course provided me with a solid, basic, no hype, educational, easy to understand "how to" do business on the Internet. It left me feeling like I really know what's going on. I now see a lot of 'snake oil' sellers out there who just want my money and not my business.

     Shortly after attending your workshop, I attended a free "Doing business on the Internet' workshop which was just a cover for selling their 'I-Mall" home pages and services. I was just sick at the prices they were charging and what they were saying to sell their pitch to the attendees. I wanted to stand up and tell every one how to do it without all of this non-sense that was being said. Thanks to you I am Internet Wise".

Normand Marchessault, EA
Tax and Business Consultant

     "I came to the seminar to: (1) See if I could trust you (2) Figure out if anyone besides "Internet consultants" are making money on the Internet (3) Find out what I actually do need to know and what I don't need to know about the Internet (4)What I should do next, if anything for my own business regarding the Internet.

     So how'd you do? (1) I found you to be honest and real (2) Good examples of "regular businesses" making money on the Internet (3) You were good at avoiding technobabble. I learned enough to "defend myself" against an Internet consultant who called me at the business today ( I actually knew to ask if he was an ISP or not...I impressed myself.

     With the knowledge you provided I know I won't be suckered into wasting money on useless Internet crap...that knowledge alone was worth the price of admission and airfare. I also liked your solid grounding in the direct response industry...made you all more believable for me".

Mike O'Neil
DesignFit, Inc.