Internet Reality Check

Frank, informative mini-seminars with Ken

"After many years of being full time in the Internet marketing business (we started in 1993), I've had it up to here with the sloppy reporting, the public relations prevarications, the ad agency double talk, the cyber-guru gibberish and all the other misleading nonsense that makes it so hard for business people to use the Internet profitably.

Here's the truth about marketing, doing business, and making money on the Internet plus what you need to know to make it work for you." (1999)

"These are some of my writings from the great 'dotcom boom' era.

Few people listened to advice like this. Those who did not only survived, they prospered. Those who didn't got 'dot bombed.' ALL my clients who listened escaped unscathed.

Now that the Internet craze is over and people are starting to treat the Internet like a real business environment that follows real business rules, these articles are as relevant as ever." (2001)

- Ken McCarthy

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